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Golf Cart Tour of Rome

Quick Details

Discover Rome by Golf Cart!

Are you looking for a fun and original way to visit the Eternal City? Then you should try our fantastic golf cart tour.

Shared | With Pizza and Gelato

Embark on a captivating evening golf cart tour of Rome with an English-speaking driver. As the sun sets, the city’s timeless landmarks come alive in a new light.

Cruise through illuminated streets, where each corner reveals a piece of Rome’s rich history and vibrant culture. Pause at a local gem for a delightful interlude with authentic Italian pizza, savoring the flavors that define this culinary classic. Continue your journey through the city’s nocturnal charm, culminating in a sweet finale with a visit to a renowned gelato shop.

This evening golf cart tour promises a perfect blend of discovery, culinary delight, and the enchanting ambiance of Rome after dark.


Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori


English speaking driver guide and golf cart rental + sit-down pizza and gelato

Private Tour

This experience gives you the chance to discover Rome without having to walk for hours and, unlike the car, you will also be able to access the pedestrian areas.

The tour is totally customizable to your needs: our expert guide can accompany you in a wonderful journey to discover the main squares of Rome – like Trevi, Pantheon, Navona, and so on; the Classic Ancient Rome to include the Colosseum; the best panoramic views from the hills of Rome; or a secret off the beaten track tour if you have already been in Rome and you are looking for something special.


  • Customisable according to preferred itinerary:
  • Either Ancient Rome itinerary or the Squares and Fountains of the Historic Center

The tour is perfect for kids as they do not get tired and they will be protected from the summer’s heat. We can also include a gelato stop!