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About Us

We are Secrets Italy, your traveling companions in Italy. We have over 20 years of experience guiding travellers through Italy, offering unique concierge services for our clients. To show off the wonders of Italy, we offer specially designed guided tours with expert licensed guides. We can also arrange accommodations and transfers. Whether you are on your first or fifth visit to Italy, we are on hand to help make the most of your trip. With Secrets Italy, uncover Italy’s treasures in a truly unique way. Fall under Italy’s intoxicating spell of refined art, food, culture and la Dolce Vita lifestyle. Welcome to Secrets Italy.


All of our Secrets Italy guides are licensed professionals with degrees in Italian art, history, culture, archaeology and more. Passionate travelers and wonderful teachers, our guides are the perfect companions for adults and children who want to explore the wonders of Italy. They are dedicated to ensuring that your time in Italy is as memorable as possible. All of our guides are fluent in English and we offer an array of other language guides, including Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian.

We have also cultivated an excellent network of foodies, artisans, and specialists throughout Italy so you have special access to the best Italy has to offer.


Our tours are customizable and can be tailored to suit your interests and wishes. While we have an array of brilliant pre-designed itineraries throughout Italy, which encompass all of the important sights, we also have options for those who wish to explore particular cities or sights in greater depth.

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