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Vatican Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Quick Details

Have a Great Time at the Vatican with Your Kids

This tour is the perfect way to make sure kids have a great time at the Vatican while also learning about its secrets and history through a treasure hunt! After skipping the queue, let the adventure begin!

Our kid-friendly guide leads the family through the museums with riddles and clues that reveal secrets hidden in the various masterpieces of the Vatican.

This is a fun way to introduce children to some of the finest works of art in the world, including the handsome Laocoon statue and Michelangelo’s astonishing Sistine Chapel. Kids learn about the gods and goddesses famed in Roman and Greek mythology and unweave clues in vast tapestries.

The tour concludes with a visit to St. Peter’s Basilica, which kids love to hear that is as big as two football pitches!