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Colosseum and Gladiator's Gate Express with the Roman Forum

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Discover the Colosseum and Roman Forum on an Exclusive Tour

This special journey begins at the Arch of Constantine — a magnificent triumphal arch located at the foot of the Colosseum. Built in 315 AD, this triumphal arch signifies the beginning of the Christian era in Rome. Visit areas of the Colosseum that for decades had been closed off to the public on our Underground Colosseum tour, including the Third Ring and Arena Stage.

Our extra-special access takes you places where visitors with a regular ticket are not allowed. Follow your expert licensed guide beyond locked gates and through underground passageways to reach areas that, before now, only the Gladiators and wild animals would see.

Our comprehensive tour of Ancient Rome doesn’t stop here. Next, we take a walk down what was the main artery of the beating heart of Ancient Rome: the Via Sacra (Sacred Road). This is where all of the excitement once happened, the epicenter of the political and cultural goings-on of the Roman Empire. This is the spot where Julius Caesar was cremated, where Marc Anthony gave his infamous funerary speech, and where the beautiful and mysterious vestal virgins worked day and night to keep the flame burning for the Goddess Vestal at the temple.

The final spot on our tour is the verdant Palatine Hill. This very hill was where Rome was founded and where the Roman Emperor once resided. This impressive collection of ruins is in a beautiful park overlooking the Colosseum and Roman Forum and is one of the most tranquil spots in all of Rome.


  • Colosseum Underground, Arena Floor and Third Ring
  • Palatine Hill
  • Roman Forum
  • Arch of Constantine
  • Capitoline Hill