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Privacy Policy

Secrets Italy (henceforth SecretsItaly) agrees to protect the rights of the clients by informing them how their personal information will be used by SI and with other companies regarding the services that SecretsItaly provides in compliance with the following fundamental principles:

The client’s personal information will be used strictly to contact or identify them for the use of SI’s services.

Specifically, the personal data of the clients will be used and stored for the purpose of the company and the commercial electronic services of SI. Furthermore, it will be utilized to supply the Judicial Authority for their requirements. The data collected from SI clients will be used to create individual profiles that will aid SecretsItaly’s marketing and promotional tasks for our services. Lastly, the clients’ data will be used and conserved for accounting and administrative purposes of the services used.

Rendering information for the purposes stated above are necessary. If the client refuses to provide SI with their personal information, SI will not be able to provide their services to the client.

SecretsItaly guarantees that compiling and conserving of informational data will not comprise concerns regarding sensitive data; hence, any data treatment which may not be necessary or sensitive, will be excluded.

Moreover, information will be collected on the pages within SI website visited by the users. Data within visited pages are not connected to client’s personal information. Gathered information on the pages accessed by visitors are utilized only for internal survey/review. If a client offers consent, his/her data may be used in SI promotional campaigns. SI will reveal personal information only if its it’s subject by law or in situation where it is compulsory to abide by the law and defend and/or protect the property or right of SecretsItaly.

SecretsItaly reserves the right to amend the present document any time. In the

In situations where the client’s personal data is applied differently to that specified above, a notice will be publish on SI website before hand.

In correlation to the management of the client’s personal data, clients reserve the rights to request confirmation of the data concerning him or her.