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Colosseum & Ancient Rome for Kids and Family Tour | Private

Quick Details

Private Tour starting from 1 pax
Adult ( 16 + ages )
Child ( ages 5-15 )
Infant ( ages o-4 )

Experience the History of Ancient Rome with kids

We are experts at guiding kids and families! We know that it can sometimes be challenging to keep children engaged. Yet, Rome is an ancient city filled with twists and turns, providing much to offer for curious children. Thankfully, we have designed an interesting tour of Rome with a private car so children and families can see Rome without having to climb endless hills and risk being overwhelmed.

This tour takes you to see the Capitoline Hill with its wonderful piazza designed by Michelangelo, which offers stunning views of the Roman Forum. Then onto the Aventine Hill, a wonderfully lush area of Rome with an intriguing history. Children love the picturesque Aventine neighborhood, primarily because of an extra-special keyhole. Great for kids and adults, peek through this ancient peephole for an excellent surprise.

A tour for children would not be complete without a visit to the imposing Colosseum, enlivened by fantastic tales of brave Gladiators and ferocious lions.

To culminate the tour, we walk along the Aurelian walls, the ancient walls of Rome. Please note that on Mondays, we instead walk along the Old Appian Way. Either way, this is a fun treat for children as they can see great views of Rome while pretending to be ancient soldiers guarding the fortress.

Want to personalize your own kids’ tour? Tell us what you have in mind and we would be happy to design the perfect custom itinerary for you and your family!


  • Colosseum
  • Knights of Malta Keyhole
  • Aurelian Walls/Old Appian Way
  • Capitoline Hill
  • Aventine Hill