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Roman Underworld Tour

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Discover the Roman Underworld

Much of Rome’s history, architecture, and art are hidden underground. Instead of destroying old buildings and monuments, Romans chose to build on top of them! Think of Rome as a multi-story building, except that most of the stories (and the oldest) are hidden underground and largely inaccessible. Fascinating right?

The city of Rome has been civilization’s center stage for thousands of years, witnessing history, epic stories of magnificence and malevolence from ancient times to modernity, and the structures that come along with it. Time has buried many of the physical remnants of generations past, but over the last few centuries, archeological excavations have been uncovering more and more of what history has left behind. Descend into dimly lit passages and explore long-lost ancient buildings and artifacts that have been buried up to 200 feet deep whilst in the company of an expert English-speaking guide.

Join us on an unforgettable exploration of Hidden Rome on our Roman Underworld Tour. The present 7th-century Basilica was built over a 4th-century Basilica, which in turn was built over 1st-century Roman construction and even a Mithraic temple! Let your expert Secrets Italy guide peel back the layers of time as you descend deeper and deeper beneath the Basilica — up to 57 feet below ground!

Our day continues with a Roman Catacombs tour, exploring the labyrinth of tombs that served as a burial ground for martyrs, Christians, and even the Popes! The complex galleries, carved into the soft tufa stone characteristic of Rome, often go on for over 10 miles.


  • Roman Catacombs
  • Basilica of S. Clemente
  • Old Appian Way