Vatican Tour for Kids

Families explore the Vatican together!


  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Meeting point: Entrance of the Vatican Museum
  • Type of tour: Private tour
  • Inclusions: English speaking guide and entrance fees

Tour description

The Vatican Museum may be a little overwhelming for children, but we know exactly what to do to make sure they have a great time while exploring its secrets and stunning masterpieces!

This Vatican City for Kids tour, designed with children and their parents in mind, will allow you to experience the Vatican in a way that engages the imagination and encourages interaction, making it a perfect fit for families.

Real Egyptian mummies and lifelike sculptures will amaze children and adults alike as your guide escorts you through the smallest country in the world. Of course, no Vatican Family tour would be complete without a visit to the Sistine Chapel. Even the youngsters will appreciate the colorful and intricate paintings of Michelangelo's ceiling that depict easily recognizable scenes from the Bible such as the Garden of Eden. You will also have the opportunity to see the famous "Popemobile" vehicle. 

The immense beauty of St. Peter's Basilica always stuns visitors regardless of their age, and the children will be sure to enjoy the secret optical illusion "trick" Bernini hid in his colonnade at St. Peter's Square.


Following the Vatican Museums, we can add a walk to nearby Castel Sant'Angelo, which was used from Roman times until 1901 as a tomb, a fortress, and even a prison. The castle now houses a museum and boasts some of the best panoramic views of Rome that will give your children the feeling of being on top of the world!

Note: Tours can be customized to include the Castel Sant'Angelo (4 hours) or bypass the castle and visit only the Vatican (3 hours).

Would you like to personalize a Vatican City for Kids tour? The options are endless, and we're here to help! Just send us a note.

List of Sights Visited

  • Vatican Museums
  • St. Peter's Basilica
  • Castel St. Angelo (optional)
  • Sistine Chapel
  • St. Peter's Square


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