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Lezione di pasta e gelato - Pranzo | Condiviso

Dettagli rapidi

Adulti 16+ ages
Bambino ages 5-15
Neonati ages 0-4

Learn the secrets to making the perfect fresh pasta, pasta sauce, and gelato in this pizza and gelato-making course!

Dive into the deep end of Italian cuisine in this epic pasta and gelato making class! Explore the closely-kept secrets of Italian pasta with one of our expert, English-speaking chefs. From mixing the dough to rolling it out, they’ll walk you through every step of making pasta so good you’ll be saying “Mamma Mia!”

Of course, no pasta is complete without sauce. So, you’ll also learn how to whip up the perfect tangy, cheesy, or creamy sauce for your creation.

But wait – lunch isn’t over yet! You’ll also try your hand at mixing up a batch of homemade gelato. Do you prefer your frozen creation to be chocolate or vanilla? Want to add some toppings while you’re at it? The world is your oyster!

Feast on the fruits of your labor in our state-of-the-art dining room and marvel at the fact that you (yes, you!) just made an authentic Italian lunch.


  • Pasta-making class
  • Gelato-making class
  • Enjoy your pasta and gelato in our dining room


  • English-speaking chef
  • All ingredients and equipment
  • Pasta course
  • Gelato course